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Turning Waste to Energy

For a better future


Eco-Founder group is a European-based international company, established in 2005, that provides solutions for processing organic waste streams by developing and producing a variety of machinery and electronic products. Eco-Founder group is globally active with a headquarters in the Netherlands.

When dealing with industrial dryers, Eco-Founder covers the whole spectrum of the client's needs, from Research & Development, through Engineering and Production, to Sales, Installation and Customer Service.

Waste Dryers

Eco-Founder (EF) supplies several different types of Dryers depending on the material the needs to be dried and its capacity.
After careful consultation and depending on the circumstances, the customer will get either a standard unit or customized dryer. 

Why choose
Eco-Founder dryers?

- They have low energy consumption.
- They are flexible and compact.
- Only little maintenance is required.
- It is possible to operate them fully
   automatically and without supervision.
- The digestate do not require 
   pre-treatment, through the remixing
   function of the dryers.

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